VM Fine Wines was born from the passion and the wine knowledge of the two founders. Vinicio, born in Italy, in the Chiantishire, Tuscany, birthplace of some of the most famous Italian wines like Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino, who moved 18 years ago to China as hotel manager, becoming late rentrepreneur in the wine business and sommelier. And Martin, Chinese businessman with the passion for Italian wine and food. The two souls of VM Fine Wines, two friends, are perfectly reflecting the actual situation of the Chinese wine market, on one side the Italian culture and long tradition in winemaking, on the Chinese side the curiosity, the enthusiasm and the passion to discover wines. VM Fine Wines, can count today on five warehouses in China and a network of distributors. All the efforts are focused on becoming a reliable supplier for big and small clients, being them restaurants, companies or even private clients with the passion for wine. The careful management of cold chain, from origin country shipping, to storage, to delivery, is one of the main VM Fine Wines strengths. Our accurate selection of wineries aims to satisfy all the attitudes, and all the differences between personal taste. A challenge that we will be happy to start with you, to satisfy and fulfill all the wine curiosity, the doubts about history and why not, to also satisfy everybody's wine thirst.

VM FINE WINES is a professional Italian wines importing and distributing Company. With a portfolio of about 30 wineries and over 200 different labels, our selection offers wines from all over Italian Regions, from North to South. VM is a leading company specialized in providing high quality products and able to give a comprehensive selection of fine Italian wines. With our three warehouses and offices, we are able to quickly deliver our products and we put all our expertise at people’s service all over the country.

We like to imagine us like the helmsmen in this difficult and full of traps trip, to direct you into our safe wineries, where the taste of the wine was fixed centuries ago, and where still today all the aromas of the wines are kidnap you in a magical and fairy world, where the love for the earth give us just wonderful gifts.
A big selection of delicious wines, with different tastes, different aromas and different bouquets,  from the cold northern regions to the warm southern ones, is ready to drive you in different parts of Italy, France and Europe, to tell to you stories, legends and emotions.