First there was Salvatore, then Attilio, and today Paolo and his nephews, Alessandro and Mauro: the Contini winery has grown and aged, just like its wines, and enjoyed successes that have made it what it is today, thanks to the passion and commitment of no fewer than four generations.

For 120 years, the Contini estatehas been inspired by a single guiding principle, Vernaccia di Oristano. Over the years, Vernaccia has been joined by other fine wines: the age-old Nieddera variety, traditional Vermentino and Cannonau wines, successful experiments like Karmis, the Attilio range, and the organic wine Mamaioa. Today the company produces a complete selection of wines which are sold throughout Italy and abroad. It is continuously evolving, introducing new winemaking techniques and ideas. Maybe that is why Contini wines stand the test of time, because they are loved and fondly remembered.