As is generally known, good viticulture needs time - 50 years of experience in viticulture and the discipline and energy of the Giovanett family are the base of this unique story.

Since the foundation of Castelfeder Winery by Alfons Giovanett in 1969, many things have changed. The portfolio has been extended, production has been expanded, the winery's processes have been modernized and the market has become more international. The winery, meanwhile in family hands for 3 generations, manifests its character from a symbiosis of tradition and pioneering spirit.

Ivan Giovanett and Tobias Treis ventured a major re-cultivation project to bring into production the Reiler Sorentberg, a steep slope vineyard located in a side valley of the Mosel river in Germany. The south-facing vineyard has been abandoned 25 years ago and is famous for its unique terroir. Riesling wines, grown on the red Wissenbach slate impress with a particular spiciness and a remarkable aging potential.