Over a hundred year ago, the young adventurist Norwegian Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen from Holmestrand, left the military Academy and traveled to the city of Cognac. In France, Thomas felt in love with Cognac, he tasted it and immediately he knew what he wanted to do. He started to learn how to make Cognac.Two years later in 1905, he started a Cognac Company with his friend Peter Anton Rustad and also married the other love of his life, Odette. Life was good, but then in 1916 the prohibition began, with spirits now been illegal. Thomas in order to solve the problem, he got creative. Thomas found a trick that enables him to still sell his cognac: he added a new Cognac and replaced the three stars on the bottles with three crosses and sold it to pharmacies as medicine. People started to lining up the doctors, dentists and veterinarians’ offices to get a prescription for Cognac. This was the birth of the iconic Cognac TRE KORS and it became a household item in Norway.

In the following years, Bache-Gabrielsen business was handed over from generations to generations, to Bache-Gabrielsen sons. It went from Thomas to René and from René to Christian who took over the business in 1985. In the 1990, the XOs available on the market were great quality and have very nice packaging, but they were very expensive. Christian Bache-Gabrielsen wanted to give people the chance to taste the very best quality, but also make it affordable for most of the people. So they decided to make the packaging simple and elegant and focus on the value inside the bottle.

In 2000, Bache-Gabrielsen was delivering one truck loaded of Cognac to Norway weekly, but one week a truck full of 19,000 bottles didn’t show up. On the way it got stolen. People all over Norway were able to buy a bottle of bargain price. This made TRE KORS very famous and people all over Norway were talking about it. This results in TRE KORS to became the most sold spirit in Norway in 2002. In these years of running the business, Christian expanded Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac range and in 2009, he decided to pass the family business to his oldest son Herve. Tradition is surviving, but the brand it’s still evolving.

Herve has his own vision and plans for the future, it all started with one man’s passion and love for Cognac and it’s safe to say that this passion and love will continue to be passed on for generations of Bache-Gabrielsen to come